Type of Powerful Assessment - Interview



  • A real world case of a client – involving diagnosis and patient relations then interviewing a successful dental practitioner on how they would handle the same case and reporting back both in an assessment submission and in a class presentation.


Entrepreneurship & invention courses

  • Internships in successful enterprises – students observe and interview the entrepreneur and staff during a project and compare what they identify against the theory discussed in class on what makes for a successful enterprise.



  • Music – first year: students are to contact three well known industry professionals and undertake an interview focused on a set of key questions – including questions about the highlights and lowlights of the interviewee’s career; what aspects of tertiary studies were most beneficial, how s/he managed financial survival, and the key advice they would give to a first year music student – this builds networks and helps show why the course is focusing on the program level outcomes it is emphasizing.


Transdiciplinary studies

  • Engineering and Accounting: students in groups interview a successful early career performer at work on the capabilities that count and the key challenges they encounter and how they handle them. Students report this to the class and their report is evaluated against an agreed rubric that covers a set of checkpoints on effective practice.