Type of Powerful Assessment - Critical appraisal



  • A small group research exercise which involves identifying relevant newspaper articles and critiquing them against the management accounting principles taught in the course.


  • Students have to find a current newspaper article (this stops plagiarism) and apply the theory learnt in class to the claims made in the article– this shows the relevance of theory and practice and tests students can actually make the application link. Students hand in a draft for formative feedback in week nine – exemplars from work on earlier articles are shown. When this assessment was introduced student satisfaction scores went up significantly.



  • Business ethics course: It this assessment task students produce an annotated bibliography which ensures they can not only identify relevant material but evaluate its quality and veracity.



  • Engineering in a range of US universities is being directly integrated with the liberal arts
    This enables students to learn not only about engineering-design principles and their technical application but also about the social context in which these designs must be put into action. This article argues that engineering education (and its assessment) today needs to help students devise innovative solutions for a complex world while also anticipating their potential unintended consequences. In other words, engineering education needs to prepare students to design expansively and imaginatively. One example cited in the article concerns the World Masterpieces sequence of courses at Lawrence Technological University, in which great works of literature that feature technological artifacts and the mastery of nature as central themes (think The Odyssey, Frankenstein, Don Quixote, or Brave New World) are explored through both a literary and technological lens.


For more details see: Chronicle of HE April 27, 2015 Loni Bordooi and James Winebrak At: http://chronicle.com/article/Bringing-the-Liberal-Arts to/229671/?cid=wb&utm_source=wb&utm_medium=en